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Charter vijvers  2019
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Charter ponds
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The Cape Nature company operates the following sites:
Oak trunk and Guide
Little Oak
The unconditional acceptance of the terms of sale and the present Charter determines the issuance of a card, a fishing right registered or can not be collective or lent or sold.
All minors must provide approval of his legal representative prior to any fishing authorization.

RESPECT FOR PEOPLE (courtesy, friendliness rigor) SITES FISHING AND FISH

The Cape Nature Company disclaims any civil or criminal liability
accident or theft fishing sites.


Each member or holder of a right of fishing, this year, is authorized to:

 Fishing all year round, except for a point duly reported the site closure.
Access to sites, day or night.
travel with his vehicle day only (without excess and low speed).
 Parking one's vehicle at least two meters of water bodies (bank protection).
 Install a small shelter. (Bower and marabout authorization)
 Possibly invite a guest (under his direction) if he has previously informed the LLC.
 To reserve a numbered slot previously paid (see prices) before between 24 and 72 to advance to M.Celka only, which will establish a confirmation either by email or phone)

2) Each member or holder of fishing rights shall:

Perform any fishing only in designated areas by SARL (preservation of vegetation and protection of flora and fauna).
Respect nature reserves materialized on sites to preserve and enhance fish reproduction
To have the badge of the company on his vehicle.
Do not put water harmful species of perch-type sun, chub, catfish.
Inform the 24 managers in advance in case of cancellation of reservation fishing station
 Maintain a sound and visual discretion. (Ex: do not slam car doors)
Do not have an inappropriate behavior or drunk affecting the tranquility of fishing, this may result in the immediate exclusion (without refund); any other violation of the regulation has the same effect.
 Use only unmarked access (ex: do not cut through fields) Close MUST existing access, dice the entry or departure of the site.
 To submit to any tests by any person authorized by SARL, day and night, but also by the police.
 Report may disrupt the environment and tranquility on the sites any event.
 Respect the work done throughout the year on various sites (plantations, various arrangements, ...)

Vehicular traffic is prohibited at night, except for holders of a right of night fishing
and force majeure, or persons authorized Relief.
Access for vehicles fitted (type camper, ...) and any camp (arbor, ...) day and night or above 168h sessions (7days) is subject to authorization on request from the SARL.

3) Reservations: each is payable in advance

 Any reservation canceled or early departure will not be refunded (including for events or competitions.)
A principle of fairness, for members and outsiders positions can only be booked consecutively by the same people day and night, also SARL reserves the right to temporarily close one or more positions and locations cases of overfishing, to reserve one or more locations.

4) Prohibitions:

- Ground lights.
- Cutting trees, branches, shrubs and any plant.
- Abandonment of rubbish there-including cigarette butts (bring trash bags to take away)
- Damage or flight amenities sites.
- Draining and washing vehicles.
- Introduction of any type of live or dead outside the ponds of fish society.
- Straying dogs (security and serenity of members)
- Any other than fishing line
- Swimming
- Fishing boat (except for events)
- All fishing on the frozen sites ¾.

5) FISHING FISH and on one of two sites:

Day night
The pond of guide rods 3 max 4 all fishing rods carp only
The trunk of the oak 4 rods max 4 all fishing rods carp only
Little Oak Leave manager prohibited

The lines must be under direct supervision of the fisherman and placed only on the same machine or bank of maximum width of 10 meters, in order to respect the positions held by other fishermen (when traffic on the water)
 The fishing float or fishing leaded practiced only in single hook, except that the dead-handled or artificial lure (authorized with tridents or raider)
 One carnivore can be taken per day (pike: 65 cm or perch 65 cm)
It is recommended that the water delivered to any white fish greater than 35 cm (reproductive)
 The following fish: carp (1kg +), grass carp, koi, sturgeon, black bass are released alive water immediately in the best conditions of day and night.
 The scoop is mandatory, any other form of épuisage prohibited.
 Synthetic baskets are the only ones allowed to ensure proper conservation of fish before catch and release. The steel mesh filoches are prohibited.

6) NIGHT FISHING: the member or guest must inform its present site on the manager

Any single hook only predator fishing
Have at least one scoop with a greater than 65 cm opening. Using the canon initiator of raw seeds or unhardened
Only use a flashlight or headlamp during épuisage Using a fish storage bags
Owning a boat landing mats Remote: removing line

Advance booking all year round, for any fisherman within the limits of available positions (with the manager only)

7) SARL Cap-Nature reserves the right to change during the year in this Charter, the conditions of sale and prices. (See website)
For fishing rights or membership, please contact:
Thierry Celka Fishing Guide and manager:
Claude ROUAS: 06 77 08 89 18 (in charge of sites): Serge Marchand 06 52 40 71 65 (associated SARL)
It is considered the comments and observations of each to improve the quality of services.
Done at Flavigny, 7/12/2013
Good season to you. The Manager, Thierry Celka